Inspired by the Mountains

Standing tall at 8848.86 metres, Mount Everest is the highest point on earth. Referred to as “Chomolungma” meaning the “Mother Goddess of the World” by the Sherpa community, Mount Everest has been the epitome of human conquest and adventure. Inspired by its resolute spirit, 8848 Vodka draws its name from the height it proudly stands at.

Made with Premium Ingredients

8848 Vodka is distilled from the finest soft French winter wheat and blended with the purest water giving this spirit it’s signature crisp and sweet taste. The smoothness in our 8848 Vodka is made possible by five times column still distillation and finished from a carbon filtration process.

A Passion for High Quality Vodka

At 8848 we have a passion for crafting high quality vodka, maintaining the standards with great attention and care. From sourcing the highest grade ingredients to the process, we’ve embraced the craftsmanship and innovation to ensure the outstanding quality of our vodka. The result — a crisp and smooth vodka that has a clean mouthfeel.

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