• World's Purest Vodka

    World's Purest Vodka

100% Wheat Vodka
Distilled in France
Bottled by
Yeti Distillery
in Nepal

Discover the unique qualities of this drink. Clear, colorless and a neutral taste, this spirit provides the ultimate mixer for an unlimited palette to create any number of cocktails, unless of course you like to take it neat. 8848 Vodka is a premium product that begins with the finest winter wheat that is grown in France, winter being the most favorable season.

It’s the time of year when a more flavorful kind of wheat is produced, the kind that is responsible for giving our premium vodka the purest quality. This is primarily what sets it apart from other vodka. Other producers are known to harvest wheat during the normal season, which is October or distill the vodka from rice and other different types of inferior grains, while 8848 Vodka relies only on wheat that is harvested after winter. Known as winter wheat, this wheat that survives the cold has locked within it the most flavors in comparison to those produced at other times of the year.Wheat that is harvested after winter has been found to give vodka a superior taste. But 8848 goes further than that to enhance that clean, pure vodka taste; relying on a more traditional method to create its signature drink, 8848 Vodka uses copper in the distilling process.

A copper distillation column is being used. Copper is used because it’s believed to be the metal that best purifies during distillation. The vodka produced is further blended with spring water from the Himalayas to give 8848 that unmatched purity and taste. With no additives and artificial flavors added, the product is sugar free as well as glycerin free. Devoid of any impurities and distilled five times, 8848 Vodka is in a class of it’s own.

8848 Vodka

Mount Everest, known as Chhomolungma by Sherpas meaning “Mother Goddess of the Earth” is the highest point in the world standing at 8848 meters. This vodka is crafted from imported grain spirits, distilled from Soft French Winter Wheat and blended in small batches with Pure Spring Water from the Himalayas.

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The remarkable superior taste comes from the time honored tradition of using copper in the distilling process. A large copper pot is filled with the eclectic mix of ingredients and the process of distillation is repeated five time until the desired flavor of 8848 Vodka is achieved.

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